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Bloody Mountain 12,544′

Bloody mountain  12,544′

Location: Mammoth Lakes, CA
Elevation Change: 5035′
Recommended Map: Mammoth High Country – Tom Harrison

Skiing Bloody Mountain has been a thing for a long time I’m sure, with it’s surreal North Couloir staring at you as you drive into Mammoth Lakes from Hwy 395. I can only imagine the old ski gear people hauled up there in past decades. And I don’t mean you and me in tele gear in 1994. I mean in the 60’s, there were likely crazy dudes and dudettes going for it, just because it’s there. Bloody Mountain’s North Couloir is not as steep as it looks from the highway, and can be an easy half day ski tour in late spring when the Laurel Creek 4×4 jeep road melts out. You probably aren’t going to wait that long however, so go anytime. Eric Ongerth told me he skinned from town one day and it was a really long day. Some people go up a little way on snowmobiles I would think. I like to just go and see how far up the road we can drive and park anywhere. You’ll look at the terrain from town and guess the snow elevation, or go ask the locals what they think. The 4×4 road gets narrow and you won’t like turning around further up. Bring a smaller vehicle with good ground clearance.

There are a few narrow chutes to ski in addition to the obvious parallel North Couloirs. I’ve included some pictures as well of a South Side climb and ski descent I enjoyed. We could have left a shuttle car at Convict Creek, but we wanted to learn the terrain and snow coverage ourselves on that day. Now I know you can count on snow coverage down to Lake Genevieve, and follow the snow down Convict Creek pretty reliably. This is seriously beautiful terrain, but going around Convict Lake kicks your butt just when you think your going to glide right out. You could also skin or walk back up the south slopes if you start on the north side I guess as suggested in Mingori’s Guidebook.  Or go for a true ascent/descent of the South side of Bloody. Either way you do it, This is a big steep south face! It’s a score when you discover any big snow covered south faces for corn snow skiing, and here is just that. And fairly close to the car with a sweet summit to boot!



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