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Mt. Williamson 13,375′

Mt. Williamson 14,375’

These photos are from 3/6/2010. John Crus and I went for the ultimate one day East Side suffer-fest in the Moynier book. John had a cold and didn’t tell me until we were a few hours in, so he really wanted it. The snow was so bad we didn’t make any real turns, and as you can see we walked in dirt and rotten snow. Definitely type 2.5 fun. I won’t explain the fun scale here, you know it if you are eyeing this peak. We skied the East Couloir, and this is the only route I’ve done. I know all the cool kids ski the Giant Steps and have even skied the west slope combined with Tyndall in a single day. The East Couloir is easy to find and plenty to aim for on your first and only trip up Mt. Williamson. . As I re-read the Moynier guidebook he says 8000’. I thought it was more, but I could be confusing my numbers with the Cannell Plunge Mountain Bike ride above Kernville.

While I’m thinking of the john Moynier book, go find this out of print bible and start knocking them off! He even explains the classic High Sierra Multi-Day Traverses. There were two editions to the guide. These guys did all this on skinny 80’s tele gear with Riva bindings. I had 102 waist tele skis with a free pivot G3 binding and T1 boots on this outing. Heavy for sure but I could control myself well survival skiing breakable wind crust with the best of them. John had Fritchi’s, heavy ass skis, and Scarpa Denali boots.

I don’t know what else to say other than to go ski Mt. Williamson earlier in the season, after a huge snowpack forms, and when you think avy danger is unlikely. We got the first and last part right. Friends of mine have skinned the whole way from the car. I was always afraid of skiing into big terrain with fresh snowfall. The snow won’t last long with this low elevation start. And walking dirt trails isn’t slower than skinning really, but the weight of my skis and boots on my shoulders makes me cringe at this point in my life. I really want those super light 1000 gram AT boots. My skis and bindings are the crazy lightweight style, as is my pack and clothing.



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